ToddPilates Classes Online

When You Can’t Make It To The Studio

The videos are a total body workout with emphasis on the core and a great way to practice ToddPilates at home, when you travel or when you just can’t make it to one of our studio classes. Only $18 to access all videos for 30 days. Other pricing plans available.

WARNING:  The videos online depict exercises, which depending on your physical condition, may be hazardous to your health.  You are therefore warned not to attempt any of the these exercises without approval from your doctor.  Even with such approval, each exercise should be done in moderation and should not be performed to the point of fatigue or pain.  Do not over exert yourself.


  • Pilates and Barre in the comfort of your home
  • Works great for busy schedules
  • Handy workouts when you are traveling
  • Rent or own




Todd Headshot for WP Website

Exercise should be fun and get you great results! That’s what we do! When you visit our studio and attend our classes, you’ll see that we all love Pilates and we can’t wait for you to get hooked too.

Roger Headshot for WP Website

When I believe in something strongly, I follow through with it passionately. When I believe in something strongly, I follow through with it passionately.  Pilates and Barre make my heart sing; keep my brain focused; and make my body stronger. This feeds my youthful spirit. I’m hooked on ToddPilates Fitness!

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Seeing and feeling the change in yourself through exercise that you love is an amazing journey of discovery.

Whitney Roberts

You’re going to have fun and you’re gonna sweat!

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Nina is friendly, enthusiastic and lots of fun! She’s certified in Pilates, Barre and Yoga.