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Doug Fisher

Doug has been an avid fan of group fitness since college and started teaching aerobics back in the days of leg warmers and sweatbands! After moving to North Carolina in 2006 he discovered a passion for step aerobics (yes, he was late to the game) and decided to get his certification to teach step in 2012. Doug moved to Austin in 2013, started teaching at a local gym and received his Group Exercise certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. He was introduced to Pilates and barre at ToddPilates Fitness Studio by none other than Todd himself after having taken many yoga classes there. After consistently practicing Pilates for just 3 months Doug noticed how much more flexible he was and how it improved his yoga. He also realized that barre was strengthening his legs more than step aerobics and made teaching step a lot easier. Once Todd was able to convince him (and after co-teaching classes with him in 2014), Doug decided to get certified to teach Pilates and barre. In February of 2015 he got his Power Pilates certification and became an instructor at ToddPilates.