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Roger Moreno

Several years ago, I was struggling with chronic back issues. After many visits to the chiropractor and physical therapist, I discovered that the physical therapy was simply a derivative of Pilates. So I started attending Pilates classes twice a week. Within 10 classes, I found that my core strength improved and my back issues began to diminish. I eventually decided to help my co-workers with core strengthening and taught them Pilates during our lunch hours. I have since become certified to teach Pilates and Barre. Teaching the ToddPilates method complements my passion for fitness and my love of music. I believe “if you can make the workout fun, then it will go by much quicker.” Working out to music, exercising or moving to the rhythm of a song, seems so natural to me. I observe our students daily and see that they too feel the connection to the music and it makes their 1 hour session go by quickly.