ToddPilates Teacher Training

Interested in teaching at ToddPilates or learning how to get more out of your Pilates workout? In our training, we will show you how to format an effective Pilates class, for group exercise, set to fun, upbeat and motivating music. We’ll go over classic Pilates exercises in detail, explaining the benefits of the moves, and ways to teach the moves to all levels. Another training session will be scheduled Fall 2017.

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  1. Dana wright
    17 hours ago

    Where did you train for pilates? The word is thrown around and you have no credentials on your site for your potential clients to know.

    1. ToddPilates Author
      7 hours ago

      Power Pilates is where I received my initial training and certification in 2004. The real training and most important part comes with over 12 years experience. Having taught over 7000 classes, and building a successful Pilates business with thousands of happy customers, has brought me invaluable knowledge and understanding of Pilates.

  2. Vivian
    8 hours ago

    Hey Todd! Are you going to offer this training again sometime in the future? Couldn’t make this one but am super interested.


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