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Join Shannen in the Round Rock studio OR online for a Pilates & Yoga Strength workout on Tuesdays at 5pm. The class is 50% Pilates + 50% Yoga Strength = a fabulous total body workout! Both Pilates and Yoga strengthen your body and increase overall flexibility, but in different ways. Stretching, strength work and cardio are all included in this 60-minute class. Open to all levels. Beginners welcome!

livestream online classes relocated

We now have over 50 livestream online classes each week! That's a lot to choose from and it means that we had to create a brand new location for those classes. Instead of finding them at the South Studio location, you can find them in the Livestream Online location. Here's how you get there...

From The Achieve App

1. Click the 3 Lines Menu (Hamburger Menu) in the upper left corner to display all ToddPilates locations.
2. From the list of locations, choose Livestream Online and then click Apply at the bottom.
3. Now when you select Classes you'll be presented with all the online classes for you to book!
From The Internet

1. Once you've logged into your ToddPilates account, on the Book Now page click the Choose Location drop-down and select Livestream Online.
2. Now you can scroll down to book any of our livestream online classes!
From Our Website

1. In the menu choose Schedule and then Online.
2. From the Online Schedule page, scroll just a bit to see all of the online classes available and you can book any class right from there!

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