Setting Up Your Livestream Class

IMPORTANT: If you decide to use a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, copy the playlist link and paste it in the email you send with the zoom registration information. You can add a new line at the bottom of the email that says something like "This class uses a Spotify playlist. If you'd like to listen to the music for the class, click the following link on your phone and press play when the instructor tells you to." If you're using a playlist, it is recommended that you teach using bluetooth headphones so that your music isn't broadcast. If you don't have bluetooth headphones just be sure participants can't hear your music. Finally, be sure to mute everyone in the meeting so that their music isn't broadcast either.

ONE MORE THING: Please send the registration link for your zoom meeting to as soon as you have it. Thank you!

Click the PDF link below to download step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) so that you can follow along as you do it. Don't worry, you'll master the process in no time!

Livestream Step-By-Step.pdf

WHAT IF I WANT TO STREAM FROM THE STUDIO? If you decide to stream your class from the studio then we've got you covered! You use your phone and headset just like you would in a live studio class.

We already have the livestream system set up and ready to go. You'll see the laptop on the stool (see photo below). You mustn't move the laptop or the camera that is attached to it on the wall. Just turn the laptop on and click Sign In, there is no password. Google Chrome is in the taskbar. Just open up Google Chrome and go to like you would on your own computer. If necessary, you can open your email from the browser to get the Zoom link for your class if it is being run by the ToddTV Administrator.

The sound board is already set to the appropriate settings (see photo below). Please do not touch any of the knobs on the sound board. If you need to adjust music volume, do that from your phone. Remember, if you are running your own class you will need to ask a student to help with your sound check.