Pilates Mat

About Pilates Mat

Total body workout with emphasis on the core.  Includes light weight training and cardio (no impact) and total body toning and sculpting.  Various levels are shown through out class.  Open to all levels, beginners welcome.




Todd Gibbs

Exercise should be fun and get you great results! That’s what we do! When you visit our studio and attend our classes, you’ll see that we all love Pilates and we can’t wait for you to get hooked too.

Elese Rose

 I get to help people on a daily basis achieve their fitness goals. I would have to say, the most rewarding thing about being a Pilates Instructor is that I get to help people on a daily basis achieve their fitness goals.

Roger Moreno

When I believe in something strongly, I follow through with it passionately. When I believe in something strongly, I follow through with it passionately.  Pilates and Barre make my heart sing; keep my brain focused; and make my body stronger. This feeds my youthful spirit. I’m hooked on ToddPilates Fitness!

Julia Pilant

Incorporating a fitness routine into your life will have amazing effects on how you look and feel.

Jordan Cohen

I encourage students to break past limiting beliefs and see themselves as simultaneously powerful and loving, calm and strong. I believe that kindness, inner connection, and intention are the most important parts of any class, and if those are established, the rest will flow naturally.

Jennifer Taylor

Being fit makes everything better!  

Marisa Secco

Pilates has brought balance to my body and my life, and I want to share that experience with my students. Your time in my class will fly by while we listen to great music and sculpt long, lean muscles.

Reid Rolon

I love the addition of Pilates in my workout routine because of the noticeable differences in my core strength and increase of energy. My goal is to instill in others the same excitement, passion and healthy lifestyle I live.

Doug Fisher

Seeing and feeling the change in yourself through exercise that you love is an amazing journey of discovery.

Whitney Roberts

You’re going to have fun and you’re gonna sweat!

Maria McLaughlin

I love that I can help my students achieve their fitness goals, feel energized and happy. I look forward to seeing you in class for a fun and rewarding workout!

Kara Mellyn

Kara is both Pilates and barre certified, with a good understanding of body mechanics (she’s a massage therapist, too). She’s delivers a positive, upbeat workout.

Laura Wooding

From the fun energy to the cupcake-burning moves, Barre and Pilates at ToddPilates are two workouts that stand apart from every other fitness routine in Austin. I’m excited to share with clients energetic, uplifting and downright fun workouts. Outside of ToddPilates, you’ll probably find me running around Zilker with my miniature dachshund (pictures happily provided upon request) or eating queso at

Nina Lillie

Nina is friendly, enthusiastic and lots of fun! She’s certified in Pilates, Barre and Yoga.

Nikki Ortiz

Nikki is both Pilates & Barre certified and teaches at all three ToddPilates studios. Her classes are fun and always set to great music. It’s a total body workout, open to all levels, with modifications given for beginners.