"Pilates for the people."
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"Pilates for the people."

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"Your studio has been a good and faithful friend to me since I first attended class five or six years ago. I've never been a regular attendee, but have always loved being able to attend affordable classes on my schedule without worrying about classes expiring or last-minute cancelation fees...I've tried 'fancier' Pilates classes and have concluded that I really hate Pilates but I love ToddPilates. I can't explain it. Thank you for everything you do." - Lauren B.

we're about pilates for the people

ToddPilates & Barre is built on the principle that exercise should be enjoyable, accessible and affordable. This guiding principle defines who and what we are.

Our staff and teachers are friendly and approachable and strive to make each and every student feel welcomed and comfortable in our studios. From the moment you walk in you'll be greeted with a smile by our front desk staff. If you're new to our studio, we'll set up your workout space for you with your name and all the props you'll need for class. We'll also give you an overview of the studio so you know where to go for what you need. Your instructor will introduce themselves and give you a synopsis of the class and what to expect.

Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Fusion classes are taught to all levels from beginner to advanced so that everyone in class can reach the goals they've set for themselves. Most of our classes are set to upbeat music and include strength, flexibility and cardio elements for a total body workout that shapes and tones the muscles. Additionally, there is no competitive atmosphere. In fact, competition is discouraged and students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, work at their own pace and take the option that is best for them.

The different pricing options at ToddPilates & Barre are designed with our customers in mind and it's what keeps them coming back. We have 50% OFF discounts on first purchases, up to 25% OFF on second purchases and offer a variety of ways to save money on future purchases. Class packages never expire and if you're using our unlimited monthly program, your rates won't increase. Our students are never charged for a late cancel or no show...ever.

ToddPilates & Barre has three locations in the Austin metro area: South Austin (78704), North Austin (78758) and Round Rock (78681).

Our three studios offer over 5,000 classes each year combined and serve over 6,000 customers. Our teachers have tens of thousands of hours of combined teaching experience with knowledge they can't wait to share!

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