"Pilates for the people."
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"Pilates for the people."

Todd Gibbs

"I've been a student of Todd's for over a decade following him around town until he created the awesome ToddPilates studios focused on Pilates and Barre classes with yoga as well. Todd is a phenomenal instructor with high energy, an upbeat motivational style, and a dedication to creating a fitness team of highly qualified talented instructors that make workouts intense with great music plus lots of fun!" - Helen L.

a little background on todd

Todd started having chronic back problems in his mid thirties and saw a chiropractor several times a month for what was only temporary relief. After hearing that Pilates was good for your back, he gave it a try. With its focus on core strength, Pilates completely cured his back problems and his body went through a total transformation becoming longer and leaner, yet sculpted and defined. He was so impressed with the results that he decided to become a Pilates instructor.

Todd received his initial training from Power Pilates in 2004. Over time he developed his own brand of Pilates called ToddPilates: it’s a fun approach to Pilates that’s set to upbeat music; it includes strength, flexibility, and cardio elements and is open to all levels. In other words, it’s a little bit of everything, so you can get what you need, all in one class.

In addition to developing a unique approach to Pilates that people would enjoy, Todd felt that Pilates was out of reach for many due to the high cost of classes at most studios. To make Pilates more accessible he developed a business model that would keep prices lower.

The result: Pilates for the people.

With over 15 years of experience, teaching over 7,000 classes, building a successful Pilates business with thousands of happy customers has given Todd invaluable knowledge and understanding of Pilates that he can't wait to share with you!

Todd taught his brand of Pilates in big box gyms and rented space in area studios before he opened his first independent studio in South Austin in 2012. He now has 3 studios in the Austin metro area.

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