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“The instructors are very knowledgeable and fun. The idea that all levels can take the same class, with the instructors adding modifications for those to push themselves or hold back. Always promoting safety first and foremost. The instructors are clever enough to change out the routines on a regular basis, so we never get bored and are always wanting to come back. Keep up the Excellent Professional Job!!!” – Kay S.

now entering a "no judgment zone"

At ToddPilates & Barre you'll find instructors who will guide you through a workout that is taught to all levels with modifications for most moves. You'll never feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do and you'll never feel like you're competing with someone else.

Todd Gibbs

Pilates Mat / Yoga

In mid 90s, I started having chronic back problems and was seeing a chiropractor several...

Roger Moreno

Pilates Mat

Several years ago, I was struggling with chronic back issues. After many visits to the...

Jordan Cohen

Barre / Pilates Mat / Yoga

Drawn to the practice of yoga as a path to deeper inner connection and personal...

Marisa Secco

Pilates Mat

I love Pilates because it touches on so many areas of physical and mental health: strength...

Doug Fisher


Doug has been an avid fan of group fitness since college and started teaching aerobics back...

Whitney Roberts


Whitney has been an avid fan of barre since 2012--loving the workout and the results. As a...

Kara Mellyn

Barre / Pilates Mat

Kara Mellyn is a certified Pilates and barre instructor. She teaches a class that is open to...

Eve Springer

Barre / Pilates Mat / Yoga

My first love is dance, my best love is my little boy, my favorite love is music and then I just...

Nina Lillie Costello

Barre / Pilates Mat / Yoga

Nina can do it all and is one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. She teaches yoga...

Candace Cook

Barre / Pilates Mat

Candace has been an avid exercise enthusiast all her life. She has a Masters of Dance...

Nikki Ortiz

Barre / Pilates Mat

Nikki is both Pilates & Barre certified and teaches at all three ToddPilates studios. Her cl...

Kate Smith

Barre / Pilates Mat / Yoga

Katie is a certified barre instructor (through PulsePointe Barre) and certified Pilates...

Mary Lamoreaux

Barre / Pilates Mat

Mary has had a passion for fitness and nutrition all her life. She has been involved in...

Karla Wheeler

Barre / Pilates Mat

Karla started attending Pilates classes at ToddPilates in 2014 and was a dedicated student...

Shaina Golay

Pilates Mat

Health and fitness have always been a passion of mine. I found ToddPilates shortly after...

Nicole Gilbert

Barre / Pilates Mat

Nicole started her Pilates and barre fitness journey in 2013, when she became hooked...

Cary Choate

Pilates Mat / Yoga

Cary has extensive experience as a group fitness instructor that includes yoga, spin and core...

Holly Alexander


With a background in personal training and group exercise, Holly brings her expertise to...

Tiffany Mendoza

Pilates Mat

Tiffany Mendoza is a certified Pilates instructor through ToddPilates & Barre. She...

Elizabeth Perrette

Barre / Pilates Mat

Elizabeth started out as a ToddPilates & Barre student in 2017, but quickly realized she...

Sara Hedler

Pilates Mat

I believe exercise is critical to achieve a balanced life. It is important to keep the body in...

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